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Perennial Power:
Identifying Energy Crop Potential for Budding End Markets
Recorded: Thursday, February 19, 2015 | 2:00 PM CST

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Katie Fletcher

Staff Writer, Biomass Magazine
Emily Heaton
Assistant Professor and Extension Biomass Specialist with Iowa State University
Dave Muth
Senior Vice President with AgSolver
Ingrid Anderson
Environmental Compliance Specialist with University of Iowa
Dr. Paul Carver
CEO with New Energy Farms

Corn predominantly occupies fields in the Midwest, but not all acres are suitable to successfully grow this commodity. Currently in Iowa, a combination of university research and business development focuses on the implementation of dedicated energy crops to diversify the Corn Belt’s landscape, while maximizing on the economic, environmental and energy potential these crops can provide when planted on marginal land. Meanwhile, development continues with energy crop plantings in different climatic and geographic areas by some companies. Hear how energy crops can be implemented into a crop portfolio, why planting these crops can make sense for growers, and what evolving end markets exist in Iowa and beyond.